Edited by Sharon Bong and Pushpa Joseph

EWA’s 3rd volume, Reimagining Marriage and Family in Asia: Asian Christian Women’s Perspectives (edited by Sharon Bong and Pushpa Joseph)  is a collection of papers selected from the 3rd Ecclesia of Women in Asia Conference held in Colombo in 2007. There is a recurrent theme in the seven essays, i.e. the interaction of Catholic women with feminism, “traditional” Asian values and other religions in Asia. This 161 page book is divided into three parts, i.e.

  • I – Christian Engagement with Confucian Ethics and Interfaith Dialectics,
  • II – Feminist Engagement with The Bible and Church &
  • III – Postcolonial Engagement with Western Feminist Theorising.
  • There are also notes on the editors & contributors, a reference list and an index.

cover book on marriage and family

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