Introduction “A conversation is a rare phenomenon…. It is not a confrontation. It is not a debate. It is not an exam. It is questioning itself It is .willingness to follow the question wherever it may go. It is dialogue” These words capture well the spirit of the first conference of ‘Ecclesia of Women in Asia: Gathering the Voices ‘Silenced’ held in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2002. (click on the title for the rest of the introduction)

KeynoteAddress Ecclesia of women in Asia was ideologically conceived in such a dream at a Conference of Asian theologians at Pune, India in November, 2001. Exactly a year later this dream sees the beginning of a new reality through the birthing of EWA, which has brought together about 55 women theologians from 17 Asian Countries. We also have in our midst the esteemed presence of Prof Lieve Troch, who has been specially invited to be the feedback‑listener of EWA. She is quite a global theologian with rich and varied theological experiences. We also have four women theologians representing the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) and two from the Asian Women Resource Centre (AWRC). (Click on the title for the rest of the Keynote Address)


Decriminalizing Prostitution in the Philippines:A Christian Response to the Tragic?
-Agnes Brazal, Philippines

An Indian Critique of the Cult of Ideal Womanhood, Pushpa Joseph, FMM, India

Ecclesia of Women in Indonesia: Facing the Challenge of State Violence Against Women, Intan Darmawati, Indonesia

Liberating Justice: The Challenge of Wife Battery to Christian Teaching on Justice – Gemma Cruz, Philippines

Myanmar Catholic Women and Their Struggles, Patricia Mary, OSM, Myanmar


And She Will Speak: Junia, The Voice of a Silenced Woman Apostle, Judette Gallares, Philippines

Church in Asia: Following the Mystery Model or Imitating the Mastery Model?
Clemens Mendonc, India

Biblical Reflections on Divorced Women of the Taiwan Catholic Church, Katherine Li-Hsia Ho and Nh-Lan nou, Taiwan

Critique of the Patriarchal Discourses in the Chinese Union Version of the Holy Bible, Elisabeth Hui Zhou, China


From Whence Comes This Authority? The Ekklesia of Women in Asia: A New Magisterium for the Church, -Antoinette Gutzler, MM , Taiwan/USA

God Our Ma/Father’s Korean Women’s Church – Kim Jeong Ja Leo, LSHF , Korea

Political Economy of Participation: Women in the Life and Mission of the Church – Shalini Mulackal, PBVM, India

A Feminist Vision of a Participatory Church- Women ‘s Voice, Malaysia

The Human Face of the Church in Indonesia:- Indonesian Christian Women”s Hope
– Agustine Murniati, Indonesia


Women’s Spirituality for Justice _ Carmelita Usog , Philippines

Women’s Spirituality in Singapore Ecclesia – Christine Santhou, FDCC , Singapore

Reflections on Ecclesia of Women in Asia- Mai Thanh , Vietnam

Vietnamese Fisherwomen’s Charisms Therese Tuyet, OP , Vietnam


Ministerial Formation Today: New Wine, New Wineskins? – Christine Burke, IBVM , Australia

Awakening to the Emerging Cosmic Consciousness- Grace Chia, 1. J and Jacinta Cardoza, Singapore

A Method of Theological Reflection for Empowerment: In a Perspective of Ecofeminism according to Asian Religious Cultural Values – Han Soon Hee RSCJ , Korea

Eve on Redeeming Eve – Ma. Andrea Lizares Si, Philippines

The Construction of Sexuality in Discourses on Feminist Theology Bernadeen Silva


Experiment in Inter-religious Dialogue: Voices from Grassroots Women -Angeline Bones-Fernandez, Malaysia

The Religious Traditions and Attitudes Towards Women – Lillita Lewis, BS, India

A Dialogue with an Invisible Religion – Sanae Masuda, RSCJ , Japan

Moral Responsibility in the Japanese Context Haruko Kunigunde 0kano, Japan

Inter-faith Dialogue – New Insights from Women’s Perspectives – Diane DSouza, India

Reports of the Conference

Published by the Rev. Ashish Amos of the Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK), Post Box. 1585. 1654 Madarsa Road, Kashmere Gate, Delhi – 110006 under its Women’s Empowerment Programs 2. email:, we:

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