Resource: Sri Lanka (Marini and Bernadeen)

The opening liturgy began with the blowing of the traditional Sri-lankan conch, and the entrance of young girls dancing to the beat of drums.

Entrance Hymn: Come to the water


The journey towards transformation continues as we Women of Asia reach out to each other and in a special way to other marginalized groups and persons.

Today we gather as Ecclesia of Women in Asia for EWA III in Sri Lanka, to celebrate, to explore and reflect on our experience together and to affirm our being fully responsible ecclesial participants and partners in the life of the church. Let us celebrate our Dance of Liberation and Transformation meaningfully for Jesus has given us new sight, new eyes to address issues of equality and justice, and power to be fully human and fully alive. Let us in this Eucharist pray that as we face fresh challenges in our constantly changing world that we become more mindful of our God and of the web that unites us with all those people around us.

Women: We confess our blindness and our slowness in recognizing the oppression and violence against women, and our reluctance to get involved in the process of liberation and transformation. For the times we permitted men to take roles of responsibility, so that we could sit back and look on; for the times we feigned ignorance in order to avoid difficulty and hardship, and for the times we have blindly followed the ways of patriarch in order to be successful in the world.

All: Let us be compassionate towards each other so that the Divine may dwell within us.

Priest: Our male dominated society has treated women as objects to satisfy selfish needs, relegated them into narrow roles we have, subjected them to various forms of violence and abuse. For our tendency towards domination and control…

All: Let us be compassionate towards each other so that the Divine may dwell within us. ,

Together: We admit that we have failed to see the image and likeness of God in all those around us. We have failed to discover the equal dignity in all of us,

All: Let the Divine Wisdom have mercy on us, and bring us to everlasting life.

>First Reading: Ruth 16-19
Gospel: Lk: 4:14-21
Homily by Fr. Clement Waidyasekara

Dance of dedication
Communion Hymn: Deep within my heart I feel

Final Hymn: You will draw water joyfully

Kochurani was invited to clean the paten and chalice after the communion.
(It is a practice in India, especially when the Eucharist is celebrated with a small group that the priest shares the cleaning of the paten and chalice with a member of the congregation.)

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