The book gives me real joy. To read the book is like looking at the mirror in two ways: Western Europeans have neglected their bodies and how they are struggling with the same issues. The book confronts me with Asians creative discourse about body and sexuality. The quilt that was made in EWA 1 was manifested in this book. The making of the quilt was a powerful event in Black American history and at certain times quilts were used as objects of resistance, hope, and appeal to common action against slavery.

This book is the quilt that was made by EWA women. There is a deep message of women that makes the quilt significant. The book makes a daring and unique contribution to the world by women with authoritative and independent thinking writing from their contexts. The diversity of doing theology in epistemological presuppositions shows a good feminist view.

Some challenges emerged. Why are there no dialogues among African and Latin American women aside from the West? Will the women theologians be visible to non theologians back home and not just to claim space in the male dominated academic world? EWA is being challenged to have more ecumenical voice in subsequent publications. Also, the collection presents a doing theology that goes beyond the traditional way of doing theology. The book is a gift to Asia.

One thought on “Review of Body and Sexuality-Theological and Pastoral Perspectives of Women in Asia, by Lieve Troch

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