List of Asian Female Theologians

Theologians and publications from the Ecclesia of Women in Asia (EWA) are among those mentioned in this article listing Asian Female Theologians by Jessie Giyou Kim and Graham Hill, Ph.D. The post raises an important issue: Unfortunately, the ignorance about Asian female theologians and their writings is widespread and persistent. It is due time foris … Continue reading List of Asian Female Theologians

Opening Prayer Ritual: Take and Eat (EWA 8)

Introduction Facilitator: Good morning everyone! We are gathered together at this moment to pray with one another at the beginning of our conference. Our theme for our opening prayer ritual is “Take and Eat” We will be reading from the Book of Lamentations which expresses a very difficult situation for women and children during the … Continue reading Opening Prayer Ritual: Take and Eat (EWA 8)

The Antiquenas Sexual Leaders

Abstract of the paper by Sr. Silvina Espanueva Tejares, Philippines The small Christian communities in thediocese of Antique are mostly led by women. Despite the obvious patriarchy in the Church and the discrimination there is against feminine leadership, our Antiquena leaders continue to get hold of the helm and their ministerial contributions cannot be watered down. … Continue reading The Antiquenas Sexual Leaders